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Zenith Awards new category for 2010: Security & Defence

PACE magazine and the seventh annual Zenith Awards will be launching a new category in 2010, called ‘Security & Defence’, designed to offer companies who provide goods and services to the defence industry, and those who design and implement security systems, with the opportunity to gain recognition for their achievements.

This new category offers a unique opportunity for process and control equipment suppliers and integrators in Australia and New Zealand to be rewarded for their success in helping Australian Industry to protect its intellectual property, and gross national product.

The seventh annual PACE Zenith Awards’ new ‘Security & Defence’ category was established in response to a growing market trend for safer, more secure information and control systems within the manufacturing and processing sphere.

Automation, motion control, design software, and other process and control vendors are increasingly supplying their solutions to government bodies, whether this is for the development of important aviation control technology, or decking-out defence infrastructure with the latest security and environmental control systems. This includes safety systems, safety equipment and occupational health and safety installations.

As with the other PACE Zenith Awards categories, entries should be in the form of projects implemented or completed within the last two years. This includes existing project upgrades or extensions, as well as on-going projects.

Through independent research, PACE has recognised the requirement for intelligent process control systems in the security and defence business. If you have been involved in any way in designing or implementing the processing or control technology behind the information management systems, infrastructure, arms or aviation systems for the Australian Department of Defence, you are eligible to enter.

Similarly, if you have been involved in the implementation or design of processing and/or control technology for which makes a manufacturing or processing plant more secure, you are eligible to enter.

The main target areas for the Security & Defence category will be:

– Process control in Australia’s security and defence network (including Australian Department of Defence);

– Aviation control;

– Defence infrastructure;

– Security for information management systems;

– Plant system security;

– Plant safety; and

– Occupational health and safety systems.

The complete list of categories for the 2010 PACE Zenith Awards is as follows:

Automotive & Manufacturing

Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Food & Beverage

Metal Products Manufacturing

Mining, Minerals & Exploration

Oil, Gas & Hydrocarbons

Power & Energy Management

Security & Defence (new for 2010!)

Transport, Power & Infrastructure

Water & Wastewater

Nominations for the 2010 PACE Zenith Awards will open on 1st November 2009, and will remain open until 1st April 2010. For an entry kit or to find out more about the entry process, contact Sarah Falson on or phone 02 9422 2976.

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