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Zenith Awards 2011: Rockwell Automation sponsors Power & Energy Management and Transport, Power & Infrastructure

Rockwell Automation is proud to sponsor the ‘Power and Energy Management’ and ‘Transport, Power & Infrastructure’ categories of the 2011 PACE Zenith Awards.

With energy costs increasing and energy conservation legislation on the rise, industry is under mounting pressure to optimise its environmental performance, while at the same time maintaining profitability.

Here, industrial power and energy management solutions – devised to meet global environmental concerns – present the key to a ‘green’ and profitable future. Rockwell Automation is a leader in the power and energy management sector and encourages initiatives designed to reduce industrial power consumption and associated carbon footprint.

Rockwell Automation aims to help industry succeed and grow, with a suite of industrial automation control and information solutions designed to give its customers a competitive advantage.

From stand-alone, industrial components to enterprise-wide integrated systems, Rockwell Automation solutions have proven themselves across a wide range of industries and in some of the most demanding manufacturing environments.

Around the world, Rockwell Automation is committed to putting its customers’ needs first. Backed by extensive global resources extending across 80 countries, Rockwell Automation continues to acquire expertise and invest in the aggressive research and development that fuels innovation.

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