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Zenith Awards 2011: AMS sponsors Oil, Gas & Hydrocarbons

AMS sees many key challenges for 2011, according to Dirk Kuiper, General Manager (pictured here). With several major projects planned through the various regions in Australia, the supply and delivery of equipment will be a challenge and could be a hurdle for on-time, on-spec deliveries. Many of the projects are planned to run concurrently or within a short timeframe of each other.

Competition will be fierce among the various companies, but with the AMS niche product range, we are up to the challenge and should see an increased market share in 2011. Also, the general economy is expected to grow at a good rate, thus putting additional pressure on suppliers to deliver the equipment.

AMS intends to further its brand recognition and its suppliers and to ensure further growth either through increased market penetration or acquisitions. Some major product releases are planned for 2011 from several of our suppliers making it a great year.

In my view, there will be significant growth in the coming two to three years in the instrumentation, control and automation industry due to the large projects being planned for Queensland and Western Australia and to a lesser degree South Australia in the mining and oil & gas industries. This opens up great opportunities for AMS due to its niche product range.

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