Young Achievers: Finalists at the PACE Zenith Awards 2013

These four nominees beat the field to make it to our select list of finalists in the 2013 PACE Zenith Young Achiever Awards proudly sponsored by SICK.

Erin McMullen


Erin has recently completed three years as a graduate in the Unilever Future Leaders Programme (UFLP).

Throughout the UFLP, Erin was given the opportunity to take on various, challenging roles across different functional and operational areas of the business including Materials Planner, Process Engineer, Production Leader for Deodorants in addition to a 6 month rotation in the Sales and Marketing function.

Following completion of the programme, Erin was promoted to the role of Engineering Manager at North Rocks.

In this role, Erin is responsible for all aspects of Engineering activities of the North Rocks factory, including Pillar Leader for Focused Improvement, Planned Maintenance, and Early Equipment Management (Innovations and Capital Expenditure).

Erin McMullen, UnileverAs Engineering Manager of North Rocks, Erin has a team of seven Engineering and Maintenance staff reporting to her directly, as well as the responsibility of managing an additional team of nine mechanical fitters and five electricians to support the site.

As Engineering Manager of North Rocks, Erin has a great opportunity to help shape the high performance culture of the site.

Through her leadership, and in driving the continuous improvement mindset through Focused Improvement and Planned Maintenance pillars, Erin is helping North Rocks deliver safety excellence (Zero Accident), quality excellence, improved productivity and cost reduction.

In her role as Production Leader for Deodorants, Erin was given a unique opportunity at a young age and very early in her career, to gain leadership experience in a fast-paced and highly-changing manufacturing environment.

Erin was responsible for a team of 40 people running production 24 hours per day, six to seven days per week, for one year.

Michael George Peever

James Cook University

Michael's responsibility was to work on his final year thesis project, on the project entitled: "Machine Simulation, using EMISA Collision Detection Architecture" in the mining industry.

Michael George PeeverThe project was designed to improve the efficiency of an iron ore stockyard, the place where ore is stored on a mine site before being sent offsite via rail transport.

Michael has developed the first mining industry-specific stockyard collision detection algorithm, which he called EMISA.

This is a dynamic algorithm which adapts to changing simulation requirements and when used, alongside the simulation software package that Michael has developed, generates dynamic machine exclusion zones.

A software package using EMISA algorithm was developed to stop machines crashing into each other when used alongside current stockyard anti-collision systems. Michael has designed a system that is capable of improving the efficiency of an iron ore stockyard.

Michael's project was the first mining industry-specific stockyard collision detection algorithm. Michael developed a dynamic algorithm which adapts to changing simulation requirements and when used, alongside the simulation software package that Michael has developed, generates dynamic machine exclusion zones, where machines are not allowed to move, essentially stopping them from colliding.

Jacky Lam

Honeywell Process Solutions

Jacky began his career with Honeywell Process Solutions as a Graduate Project Engineer in June 2011 and has developed and grown to be a key project asset on one of the region's highest profile control and automation projects.

Jacky Lam  Honeywell Process SolutionsAs Systems Engineer, he is responsible for assisting Lead Engineers on the project, with specific responsibility for IT infrastructure and DCS architecture.

This work has included the detailed design, delivery and system build of many elements of the base DCS system for three separate plants, ie: Main LNG plant, Hides Gas conditioning Plant, and delivery pipeline.

On this project, Jacky has been assigned to the foundation systems scope to facilitate the IT integration of the SIS, DCS and MES systems to form a functional control system solution.

This role has necessitated dedication to engineering accuracy and efficient work practices in order to meet challenging timescales and fulfill the high expectations of the end client, ExxonMobil.

In this role, Jacky's many responsibilities have included deploying automated updates and patches, implementing backup strategies and building workstations and servers to numerous specifications and functional applications.

He has also played a key role in the virtualisation of layer 3.5 applications such as domain controllers. On this project, Jacky's most notable achievement has been the delivery of the 'infrastructure' component of the PNG-LNG project, which he has achieved with minimal assistance and significantly under budget.

All aspects of infrastructure delivery have been driven to conclusion by Jacky. Lead engineers have outlined a solution and Jacky has delivered it with minimal supervision, initiative and autonomy. He showed initiative throughout the project, taking ownership of technical issues.

Jason Oliver

Black Widow

When Jason started as Operations Manager, Black Widow employed 15 staff so the role was very multi-faceted.

Jason was responsible for all aspects of production including output, quality and staff management as well as purchasing, new product development, engineering documentation and continual improvement. This has given Jason a very intimate knowledge of the production and engineering process. 

Jason Oliver, Black WidowThroughout the journey, Jason has been identifying opportunities to streamline processes and procedures and get the company to a position to move from a small business to a medium-sized business.

The past seven years has been about getting the company into a position to meet this transition.

In 2011, Jason stepped into the role of CEO and has continued to drive change and introduce systems and procedures into the financial, sales and administration parts of the business.

Introducing a management structure for the past and future growth supported by establishing KPIs to drive resources and accountability has been critical to Jason's role and daily management duties. 

Sales have become a key part of Jason's role including the appointment of a Sales and Marketing manager and a National Dealer Network Manager in the last six months. Black Widow has also expanded into retail operations adding a 4WD showroom to the head office facilities.

This project is a pilot as part of the strategy to launch the commercial product range around Australia. Jason has overseen the establishment of the retail site and implemented the business strategy, processes and management system. 

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