Young Achiever Finalists: 2014 PACE Zenith Awards

Profiles of the nine finalists in the Young Achiever Award category that is sponsored by SICK.

Andrew Beal

Hydrix Services

Andrew’s approach is customer focused. He is adept in producing designs that meets the needs of key stakeholders and regulatory bodies, whilst ensuring all manufactured product is of the high quality levels both Hydrix and their customers demand, resulting in return business on numerous occasions.

His positive attitude and proactive approach to his work allow him to effectively manage his time across many of the organisation’s key projects.

Andrew’s experience in delivering designs for manufacture has enabled him to mentor and assist other members of the Hydrix with manufacturing and process related issues.

Keiran Sproule

Sevaan Group

For a Gen Y youngster, Keiran Sproule successfully puts the overhyped ‘no hoper’ stigma into the bin of fiction where it probably belongs.

Apart from undergoing training right across the general fabrication spectrum to gain a proper appreciation for the safety, costings, wastage control, design and planning that goes into the making of a successful manufacturing operation, Keiran’s main assignment is to thoroughly learn how to program and execute jobs with powerful CAD/CAM software.

He also receives ongoing tuition about equipment maintenance and how the machines work and, by all reports, is naturally quick on the absorption and up take of it all.

Daniel Egan-Wyer

Machinery Automation & Robotics

Daniel has shown great innovation, initiative and technical skill in cutting edge automation technologies of 3D vision and complex robot control.

He has developed structured Visual Basic code to coordinate the actions of the robot and implement the sensing algorithms to automatically execute multiple robot tool changes.

Actions include raising the conveyor belt whilst still running and complete replacement of worn idlers with new idlers before lowering the conveyor belt down on the new idler set.

The code written by Daniel controls the steps of this process, during normal operation as well as under fault conditions or when the cycle needs to end prematurely.

Philip Wysocki


Philip Wysocki works at ANCA's Melbourne Head Office as an Electrical Systems Engineer and Project Manager. From the start of his career Philip has excelled. He has delivered on all the projects he has undertaken and provided the company with significant cost savings and quality improvements.

He implemented new software and processes that significantly improved the development of new products in his section. He is currently project managing an important new product that is anticipated to be very successful.

Daniel Hodges

Austube Mills

In his Reliability Engineer capacity, Daniel has formed a Lubrication Team that did not exist on the site prior to his employment. In the ensuing 18 months, he has taken a Lubrication Technician and Mechanical Cadet with no prior specific experience in the area to a world class level.

The team has taken the actionable fault level from 15% down to a steady 1-0%. This is a key measure in demonstrating how well the condition of the equipment is under control based on vibration, thermography and oil quality readings of all items of plant.

From a safety perspective, Daniel has exceeded his personal target for safety observations by a consistent 12.5 per cent and at times has exceeded the monthly target by more than 100 per cent.

Gavin Oakes

Honeywell Process Solutions

Gavin has demonstrated some outstanding achievements for someone who has been working in the industry for three years.

He displays a dedicated approach to meeting the needs of our customers and this is why he is seen as a trusted advisor on wellhead controls for Honeywell’s largest coal seam gas customer in the region.

The development of the new RTU2020 controller is an almost unheard of achievement for an engineer of his experience, and a testament to his expertise and ongoing support for Honeywell’s CSG RTU business.

Additionally, the development of an automated RTU testing system and the RTU unit for our major CSG customer shows his holistic approach to meeting the needs of the customer and designing an operating environment that most distinctly aligns with their business requirements.

Bryan Emmerson

Machinery Automation & Robotics

The automation projects that Bryan has worked on during his 18 months at MAR since graduating have been: 3D modeling project for the Red Meat Industry; iPad Apps for the Red Meat industry; Product development of Bandsaw operator aid for the Red Meat Industry to reduce the risk of serious injury.

Bryan researched and utilised commercially available 3D modeling software to create 3D models of meat cuts, primal and carcasses.

The ability to produce these 3D models has supported and assisted MAR with the development, adoption and commercialisation of automation within the red meat processing industry.

Paul McCaffrey


During 2013, Paul completed his three-year Unilever Future Leaders Program (UFLP). Throughout the UFLP, Paul was given opportunities to take on various challenging roles across different functional and operational areas of the business ie: role in Sales/Marketing, Supply Planner 3P, Process Engineer, Production Leader – Liquids.

Following the completion of his UFLP, Paul was recently promoted to the role of Senior Production Leader – North Rocks. In this role, Paul is responsible for all aspects of production in the Liquids area of the North Rocks factory.

As a Production Leader at North Rocks, Paul has four shift teams  reporting through to him directly and his team has responsibility to manage a varying number of contract labour to ensure all production requirements are completed in as efficient manner as possible.

Thomas Hughes

Machinery Automation & Robotics

Thomas has shown great innovation, initiative and technical expertise in cutting edge automation technologies of 3D vision and complex dual robot control for team robot lifting.

He has developed structured Visual Basic code from 3D vision point clouds through Halcon software to then develop corresponding Kuka robot code for two robots to execute simultaneous team moves in sub 15 second pick and place cycles according to real time vision data that has produced product placement accuracy within +/-2mm product to product for multi-metre length products.

MAR differentiates itself in the market through innovative automation solutions and through this project Thomas has quickly developed into one of MAR’s most capable automation engineers.

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