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Yokogawa’s very important new VP

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has launched CENTUM VP, the flagship platform for the VigilantPlant Operational Excellence initiative.

CENTUM VP is a new integrated production control system, the 8th generation of the CENTUM series, and succeeds the CENTUM CS 1000/CENTUM CS 3000. While securing clear backward compatibility and consistency with previous CENTUM systems, CENTUM VP redefines the role of a production control system, commonly known as a DCS. Going beyond the traditional DCS function of controlling and monitoring a plant, CENTUM VP integrates plant information management, asset management, and operation support functions, achieving a unified operating environment. CENTUM VP provides a foundation for operational excellence by delivering information in context and allowing easy role-based access to all key information.

VigilantPlant is Yokogawa’s automation concept for safe, reliable, and profitable plant operations. VigilantPlant aims to enable an ongoing state of Operational Excellence where plant personnel are watchful and attentive, well-informed, and ready to take actions that optimize plant and business performance. This initiative eliminates unplanned downtime, improves asset utilization, and allows businesses to adapt to shifting market conditions quickly and efficiently. Based on this concept, Yokogawa launched Safety Excellence solutions in 2005, Asset Excellence solutions in 2006, and Production Excellence solutions in 2007. The launch of the CENTUM VP takes the VigilantPlant initiative to its next evolutionary step, integrating the three excellence solutions into one Operational Excellence platform.

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