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Yokogawa wins customer service award for mining

Yokogawa Australia has received an award for customer service leadership in the mining industry from global business analysts Frost & Sullivan.

The 2009 Frost & Sullivan Australia and New Zealand Customer Service Leadership Award for Automation and Software solutions in the Mining Industry recognises excellence in responding to customer needs, focusing on customers’ long and short term profitability goals, and tailoring products and services to suit the specific needs of individual customers.

To determine the winner of the award, Frost & Sullivan tracked industry participants and monitored their customer service on an ongoing basis. Yokogawa Australia was selected on the basis of extensive research, including customer interviews.

The criteria used to determine the market leader included product quality, after sales service and technical support, training, delivery time and overall rating for customer service.

This year’s award for Yokogawa Australia was announced at a banquet in Kuala Lumpur on April 2nd. Frost & Sullivan said that, “Award recipients are those with the diligence, perseverance, innovation and dedication required to develop a successful business plan and excel in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.”

Yokogawa Australia managing director, John Hewitt, said he was pleased that the company’s sustained commitment to the mining sector had been acknowledged.

“In Australia, we have chosen to focus our efforts on a number of specific industry sectors. The resources sector, encompassing mining and oil and gas, is one in which we have an extensive track record of success. It now accounts for more than 30% of our business and we expect that this will grow in the future,” he said.

“The mining industry demands the very best from its suppliers. Yokogawa equipment is installed in some very harsh operating conditions; our service and support teams often work on remote customer sites, hundreds of kilometres from major cities; and our control systems need to be reliable and operate month after month without downtime.

“Yokogawa Australia has met these challenges successfully, as this award confirms,” he said. “To have our commitment to quality and to meeting — and indeed exceeding — customers’ expectations in this manner is very gratifying.”

Yokogawa has previously been acknowledged by Frost and Sullivan, winning the 2008 Asia Pacific Distributed Control System Company of Year and the 2008 Market Leadership in Distributed Control System in Australia and New Zealand.

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