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Yokogawa to work on CSBP expansion

The new plant at Kwinana WA will be monitored and controlled by field instruments, a safety system and a distributed control system supplied by Yokogawa Australia, and all software configuration for the DCSs and Safety PLCs is being done by them too.

The expansion of production facilities at CSBP’s ammonium nitrate plant at Kwinana will see total output more than double. The project will see the construction of a second nitric acid plant, a second ammonium nitrate plant and the construction of a new prilling plant, all of which will combine to lift total production to some 470,000 tpa.

To be built within CSBP’s 140 hectare Kwinana works site, the new manufacturing facilities will include a significant range of process control and management features, including an extensive range of field instruments (including flowmeters, pressure and DP transmitters, temperature transmitters and liquid analysers for pH and conductivity), a Pro-Safe safety implemented system and a Centum CS3000 R3 Distributed Control System — all supplied by Yokogawa and essentially duplicating the contract for services and equipment to the original plant.

“This latest contract continues the exceptionally strong working relationship between CSBP and Yokogawa,” said CSBP’s Vinod Verma, Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer at Kwinana. “Their products have proven themselves at this facility over the last decade and, since the first contract in 1995, Yokogawa has been very responsive to our equipment supply, software configuration and ongoing support needs.”

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