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Yokogawa releases new version of Plant Resource Manager (PRM)

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has released version R3.20 of its Plant Resource Manager (PRM) software tool for the centralised management of large amounts of data from plant monitoring and control devices and manufacturing equipment. 

PRM R3.20 is an upgrade to R3.12 and includes an improved management function for HART and ISA100 Wireless field devices. With this new PRM version, Yokogawa said it aims to capture a larger share of the plant maintenance market.

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve maintenance efficiency by using software tools like PRM that can centrally manage large amounts of maintenance and other types of data from plant monitoring and control devices and manufacturing equipment. 

Maintenance personnel use such data to reduce plant downtime and enhance safety by proactively spotting and responding to device failures.

According to Yokogawa, to optimise plant operations, it is essential not only to keep devices in good working order but also to have up-to-date information on device status and maintain records on all maintenance work that is performed. Such information is most useful if operators can view it on screen at their control system human interface stations.

With such needs in mind, Yokogawa said it has developed new functions for its PRM tool that facilitate the collection of information from field devices for use in optimizing device maintenance and plant operations that includes: 

  • Quick access to HART device status information
  • Various management functions for field wireless devices
  • ISA100 Field Wireless Management Console on PRM
  • Complying with FDT2.0, the latest FDT standard
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