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Yokogawa pushes ahead with ISA100.11a devices

Yokogawa is strengthening its position in the ISA100.11a compliant wireless arena with the release of three field wireless system devices and enhanced wireless pressure and temperature transmitters. The first of these products was scheduled for release in March 2012.

The new wireless products can be used to construct large-scale plant networks, and complement Yokogawa products, expanding their capability. This is in line with Yokogawa’s "Grow" concept, which enables customers of both large and small plants to expand their plant wireless networks while making full use of existing assets.

Yokogawa Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand, John Hewitt, says Yokogawa’s approach represents a new paradigm in allowing customers to easily, efficiently and cost-effectively expand plant networks with the same level of reliability and redundancy inherent in Yokogawa’s hard-wired systems.

"In July 2010, Yokogawa released the world’s first ISA100.11a compliant field wireless devices. As the industry’s support of the soon to be international ISA100.11a standard gains momentum, the number of ISA100.11a products is expected to increase and Yokogawa has been quick to embrace the new wireless paradigm instead of locking customers into proprietary legacy solutions," said Hewitt.

"We will continue to enhance interoperability for seamless connection with other companies’ products and develop sophisticated wireless control solutions for continuous processes. Our focus is on field wireless communications solutions based on the "Grow" concept.

By making possible the expansion of wireless systems, educating users about wireless solutions, and improving convenience, we aim to help our customers grow their plant operations.

"Yokogawa has put in place useful upgrade paths using the ISA100.11a wireless standard to provide more rapid and effective solutions without compromising on network integrity," he added.

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