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Yokogawa acquires energy management tech company SVM


Yokogawa Electric has announced the completion of its acquisition of Soteica Visual Mesa (SVM), a global energy management technology provider. Yokogawa plans to integrate SVM’s energy management capabilities with cloud-based Data-as-a-Service capability from Industrial Knowledge (purchased April 2016) into its KBC Advanced Technologies solutions (purchased December 2015).

KBC, SVM and IK will be led by chief executive officer, Andy Howell, and integrated under the KBC brand. By combining the energy consulting capabilities of KBC with SVM’s Visual Mesa real-time energy optimisation technology, the company aims to expand its position in process energy management.  Over the long term, the acquisition will also support KBC’s vision of integrating utility system and supply chain optimisation into KBC’s process simulation platform for hydrocarbon processing facilities, Petro-SIM.

“We are delighted to have been acquired by Yokogawa and in doing so, unite our Visual Mesa real-time energy optimisation and production accounting and scheduling technologies with KBC’s industry-leading energy and supply chain consulting practices,” said Oscar Santollani, founder of SVM.

“Furthermore, the progressive DaaS capabilities of IK enhance our offerings and enable us to be more innovative, disruptive, and agile by leveraging the cloud in delivery of solutions and sustainability services.”

“The unique capabilities of these combined organisations and their respective offerings mean that for the first time, customers can be confident that the investments they make today will pay off now and for the long term,” said Simon Wright, founder of Industrial Evolution (now Industrial Knowledge).

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