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Yingli Solar installs solar power for electric cars in Victoria

Yingli Green Energy Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yingli Green Energy, has completed the installation of a residential solar system in Victoria that is designed to produce enough solar energy to power two electric cars.

This 13.5kW project in the suburb of Blackburn in Melbourne uses Yingli Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and an Enphase Microinverter System.

Solar energy from this system is used to recharge a Tesla Model S car and a Nissan Leaf car. Besides providing power to the cars, this installation will reduce the homeowner’s dependence on the grid and, as a result, the home’s carbon footprint by 21 tonnes per year.  

The system was designed by EnviroGroup and has the ability to store any solar energy produced in the day for use at night as well as for back-up power. This was further complicated by the home’s complex roof design and shading issues.

Optimised for terrestrial light, Yingli Solar’s advanced PANDA n-type silicon technology was used to allow panels to produce high energy yields in low light conditions such as partial shading. 

The 270W solar panels were combined with Enphase M250 Microinverters to suit the home’s various roof angles.

The Blackburn private homeowner said, “We wanted to use solar power to cover as much of our household’s energy consumption as possible which included charging our two plug-in electric cars. Now the whole system works as intended and I am happy with EnviroGroup’s recommendation of the high efficiency Yingli PANDA solar panels, Enphase Microinverters and Sonnenschein lithium batteries.”

Daman Cole, Managing Director for Yingli Green Energy in Australia said, “As electric vehicles are becoming more popular, consumers are looking to take charge of their electricity use. Choosing reputable brands of solar technology is the most effective way to maximising your potential to generate, store and drive away with clean energy today and for the future." 

Karl Edmondson, Manager of Solar Battery Design and Consulting at EnviroGroup said, "This installation represents the growing number of customers that EnviroGroup are helping to use solar power, batteries and electric car charging to reduce their living expenses as well as to reduce their impact on the environment."


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