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XY Piezo Nanopositioners

A new series of XY piezo nanopositioners for extreme precision applications has been introduced by Aerotech.

The QNP-XY stages provide the highest resonant frequency and stiffness of positioners with comparable size and travel, the company reports. This allows users to achieve higher throughput in exacting processes.

With resolution to 0.15 nm, linearity to 0.007% and repeatability to 2 nm, the stages meet the most demanding requirements of applications from microscopy to optics alignment. They are offered in travel ranges from 100 µm to 600 µm.
Applications include:  Test & Inspection  
•  Industrial and Academic Laboratories  
•  Nanometrology  
•  Microscopy  
•  Semiconductors  
•  Microelectronics  
•  Optics   
•  Photonics  
•  Data Storage  
•  Precision Mechanics  
•  Metals  
•  Life Sciences  
•  Medical Devices
QNP piezo stages are guided by frictionless precision flexures that are optimized using finite element analysis for fast closed-loop response. The integrated XY package minimizes stack height and moving mass, resulting in superior static and dynamic multi-axis performance.
When coupled with Aerotech’s Q-series controllers and drives, the stages demonstrate sub-nanometer positioning resolution and in-position stability, and high-positioning bandwidth. They are available with or without capacitance sensor feedback and a wide range of software options.

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