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XP2i pressure gauge comes with reminder

Crystal Engineering, a unit of AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration has added an automatic calibration reminder system to its XP2i pressure gauge. The new system reduces the possibility of using gauges after their calibration dates and potentially incurring regulatory fines.

Manual record-keeping and notifications are replaced by customisable on-screen alerts prior to the due date, warning alerts on and after the due date, and an optional capability to lock the gauge from use after its calibration due date. Dates, reminders and message types are set by supervisors through free software.

Because they measure critical performance metrics of a wide range of equipment, properly calibrated pressure gauges can be important factors in worker safety, pollution control and/or product quality.

The rugged, intrinsically safe XP2i gauge offers high-accuracy pressure recording in the harshest environments, from offshore to desert to the Arctic. Key features include an IP-67 rated, marine-grade enclosure, a fast pressure safety valve (PSV) mode, custom engineering units, and a leak-free pressure fitting connection.

Active Digital Temperature Compensation corrects the sensor for changes in temperature. It is guaranteed to 0.1 per cent of reading accuracy from -10 to 50° C. Every XP2i comes with an ISO 17025 calibration report – NIST-traceable, A2LA accredited, internationally recognised by ILAC–with test data at five temperatures.

Its high contract liquid crystal display is readable in all conditions from bright sunlight to dark (with included backlight).


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