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xMatters partners with Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications

xMatters, the relevance engine company, is partnering with The Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications, (AC3), which provides professional management services for computing and networking equipment to best practice standards. AC3, whose business is managing the infrastructure for other organisations, will look to xMatters’ (formerly AlarmPoint Systems) to deliver relevant information when it matters to their clients.

This new partnership will allow xMatters and AC3 to achieve business growth with profitability by delighting their clients with timely and comprehensive response to unexpected incidents that affect the IT infrastructure of their clients. With an xMatters relevance engine as part of AC3’s service platform, it will enable them to provide proactive management and deliver what matters to their customers in a timely manner.

"By partnering with xMatters, we’re now able to provide our clients with a relevance engine that will deliver the information that matters to them on incidents that could affect their infrastructure or another part of their business," said Monique McIntosh, Chief Operating Officer, AC3. "By including xMatters in our offering, we are sure to deliver a unique solution to our clients that other organizations simply can’t compete with."

A relevance engine is a technical capability that can be added to just about any product or service to connect people with what matters to them at exactly the right moment. A relevance engine delivers information, notifications, and choices to the right people and gives them the ability to take immediate action. With a relevance engine, businesses function more quickly, accurately, and intelligently.

With over 100 clients across Government, Commercial and Universities, AC3 looks to xMatters to significantly expand their customer base across multiple industries around the world.

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