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World’s largest underground mine automation system to be installed in Western Australia

Sandvik Mining will provide advanced mine automation systems for use at the Rio Tinto's Argyle Diamond Mine’s underground mining operation in Western Australia.

The automation systems are scheduled for delivery in 2012-2013.

Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine, one of the world's major suppliers of diamonds, has selected the Sandvik AutoMine system to enhance safety, accelerate its underground operation efficiency and achieve production improvements.

The order from the Argyle Diamond Mine comprises the AutoMine system with 11 electric loaders, LH514Es, and two diesel LH410 loaders.

The system delivery also includes Sandvik’s recently launched Draw Control product, which enables accurate tracking, reporting and overall management of manual production loading during the mine’s development phase.

Automated loaders will be operated from Sandvik control room systems, including three operator stations in a surface control room.

The Argyle AutoMine system will be delivered and installed to adhere to Australian mining sector standards for functional safety, including AS61508. Sandvik Mining claims to be the only supplier in the world to comply with Australian safety laws and requirements.

Sandvik Mining to supply world’s largest underground mine automation system to Argyle Diamond Mine.This was recently demonstrated with an AutoMine delivery to Rio Tinto’s Northparkes mine, where the system is now operating 24 hours a day in a production capacity.

It has proven to be a safe and efficient technology, and the work undertaken at Northparkes will streamline the delivery, implementation and support process at Argyle.

The advanced AutoMine automation systems will be the largest underground mining automation installation in the world to date.

The Argyle production structure is designed for automation when fully operational. At its peak the mine’s block cave annual production will reach around 9 million tonnes per annum, with 16 extraction drives.

“This order is a very important milestone in the growth of our fleet of AutoMine not only in Australia but globally as well,” said Riku Pulli, Vice President, Mine Automation of Sandvik Mining.

“The AutoMine Draw Control and AutoMine Loading systems are ideally suited for Argyle’s block caving operation,” he said.

Sandvik Mining has announced an order from Rio Tinto to provide advanced mine automation systems for use at the Argyle Diamond Mine’s underground mining operation in Western Australia.

The Argyle Diamond Mine is one of the world's largest suppliers of diamonds. The Argyle Underground mine is being developed using a block caving technique and will produce on average approximately 20 million carats per year over life of the block cave.

The Argyle Diamond Mine, which is 100 per cent owned by Rio Tinto, has been operating since 1985. In its 27 years of operation the mine has produced close to 800 million carats of rough diamonds.

The Argyle Diamond Mine is located in Western Australia’s remote Kimberley region, 2500 km north of Perth and is 100 per cent owned by Rio Tinto.

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