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World’s first professional pH probe featuring Bluetooth Smart technology

Hanna Instruments announces the release of HALO, the world’s first
professional pH probe featuring Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0)
technology, a wireless design, and a unique rhythmic, blue indicator light.

Designed to change the way pH is measured, HALO is a high quality,
double junction, refillable glass pH probe with a built-in temperature sensor
that can be used virtually anywhere from the field to the laboratory or

HALO pH probes use Bluetooth Smart technology to wirelessly transmit
measurement data directly to an iPad (3rd generation or newer) running the
Hanna Lab App, eliminating the hassle of wired connections and expensive meters.
The Hanna Lab App is a free application that turns the iPad into a
full-featured pH meter when used with the Hanna HALO pH electrode.

Key functions of the App include calibration, measurement, continuous
data logging, graphing and data sharing. Measurement and logging of pH and
temperature at one second intervals start as soon as the probe is connected,
with measurements displayed in the form of tabulated data or a graph. The graph
can be panned and zoomed with the iPad’s pinch-to-zoom technology for enhanced

Michelle Salisbury, Applications Manager for Hanna Instruments explains
that their design philosophy is aimed at making science accessible to the
masses, which is also reflected in the HALO. The HALO pH probe introduces
simplicity and affordability into pH measurements, expanding its application
base to home users, schools and laboratories.

Hanna’s new HALO is currently on sale in the United States and will soon
be available through any of the company’s 43 international sales offices. 

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