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World’s first integrated factory-level SCADA system for mining to be unveiled at AIMEX

PSImining is the first factory-level SCADA system that integrates all mining processes and security features into one fully integrated system which provides interdisciplinary supervision, control and high-level-automation to mine operators.

PSI Production will install a sample CCC (Central Control Centre) at the AIMEX-fair revealing the world’s first system which can be considered as the “Digital Mine”.

All important mine operation processes and sub-processes will be integrated into one central factory-level SCADA with a high performance Human-Machine-Interface.

Live demonstrations of daily situations will show the integrated supervision, control and automation of coal mining, tunnelling, product-flow optimisation (conveyors), mine-infrastructure, material logistics, security, people-tracking, maintenance managed by one single SCADA system.

The system supports precise and flexible reaction to unforeseen events as well as dynamic scheduling of workforce for operation and maintenance. According to PSImining, this contributes to improved efficiency of existing equipment thus increasing the output of mines which can reach double-digit percentages.

PSI was founded in 1969 and employs 1.450 persons in the group.

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