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World-first LED building reduces emissions

Industrial automation manufacturer IDEC Corporation of Japan has claimed a world-first with an eco-friendly sales office building lit entirely by LED lighting, which if adopted by more companies could rapidly reduce C02 in the world’s atmosphere.

The new office, which will host the company’s Japan-based sales team, was constructed in March last year with the view to become an example of how our industry can help reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The unique building is part of IDEC’s global mission to fulfill its global responsibility as a socially conscientious company, said a spokesperson from the company.

“In the midst of global warming, IDEC wanted to demonstrate its concern for protecting the environment in some concrete form. This eco-friendly building is one of the answers,” said the spokesperson.

IDEC says that according to research from Kajima Construction Corporation, Ltd, there are other buildings in the world partially-lit by LED units, but this one is the first that is lit entirely by the technology.

IDEC is a global manufacturer of industrial automation and control devices and began developing industrial LED display devices in 1981. The company used state-of-the-art technology to develop a Sunshine LED series in 2006, which it claims is the brightest LED in the world.

IDEC’s LED display devices have been used in various industries to save energy and reduce maintenance work.

The new eco-friendly building is equipped with 11,000 LED devices and 250,000 LED chips, all manufactured by IDEC, which light up the entire building interior, the parking lot and the garden.

These LED light units are bright and also help to reduce C02 gas emissions by 41 per cent over other lighting technologies. The lifespan of five to six times longer than fluorescent lamps means less waste from replacing the globes, and they are also mercury-free.

According to IDEC, the cost of installing LED lighting fixtures is higher than with traditional fixtures, however the investment is recouped over 15 years.

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