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WonderWorld 2007 is coming

Registration is now open for the WonderWorld 2007 Global Conference Series.

The event will offer unique insights, best practices, specific solution examples and “how-to” knowledge, and the latest Wonderware products and solutions.

WonderWare is offering the possibility of personalising the experience:

  • Subject matter experts will host lunch tables around specific discussion topics. Topics can be suggested by sending an email to
  • Technical experts will be available at the Expo with demonstration units and whiteboards, plus seating areas, for deep dive discussions on specific questions.
  • Interviews with specific WonderWare team members can be scheduled through local sales representatives.

WonderWorld will visit the following countries, from late September to early December: Germany, Sweden, Poland, France, USA, Venezuela, Argentina, South Korea, China and Japan.

The conference series has been developed specifically for:

-Business Operations Executives and Managers

-IT Professionals

-Automation and Engineering Professionals

-Wonderware Solution Providers

For further details, visit their website.

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