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Wonderware’s Olympic contribution

The Chinese government’s Ministry of Railways has selected Wonderware software to manage the customer service system and monitor assets at its four major railway stations.

The railway stations provide service between Beijing and Tianjin and will serve as the key transportation corridor for visitors attending the Olympic Games in August. This is the first high-speed railway established in China connecting these two major cities and is approximately 100 miles long.

Wonderware System Platform 3.0, Wonderware Historian and InTouch 10.0 HMI will be installed at four railway stations and operate the “Passenger Information System.” Wonderware software will provide an integrated platform that supports the railway’s public address system, passenger information video displays of train arrivals and departures, closed-circuit television monitoring and other functions that support operations at each station along the railway route.

The Ministry of Railways in China is responsible for passenger services, regulation of the country’s rail industry, development of the rail network and the overall rail infrastructure. It selected Wonderware software for a scalable information system that will integrate vital station communications systems into a central computer at each location and is designed to be easily upgraded as requirements change in station operations.

“With the implementation of the Wonderware System Platform based on the highly scalable ArchestrA software architecture, China’s Ministry of Railways is laying a solid technology foundation for the future growth of the unified station management system,” said Steve Garbrecht, Wonderware director of product marketing. “The object-based technology capability of ArchestrA enhances overall engineering and lowers administration costs by simplifying the process of rolling out updates to other stations.”

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