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Wonderware names Longwatch a Certified Software Supplier

Wonderware has named Longwatch, a video monitoring hardware and software supplier, a Certified Software Partner, meaning Longwatch can now access Wonderware’s range of Beta programs, toolkits and senior technical support people in the process control business.

Wonderware Software Partner’s products are endorsed or certified by Wonderware to be applications with proven compatibility with Wonderware software.

Certified software partners have access to Wonderware Beta programs, toolkits and senior technical support people so they can integrate and extend Wonderware software on an ongoing basis.

The Longwatch Video Surveillance System has been integrated with Wonderware’s InTouch HMI, Active Factory, Historian and MES software in several applications. The combination of Wonderware software and Longwatch Video systems allows operators in process control applications to see live and archived video from the plant floor directly on their Wonderware HMI screens, according to Longwatch.

This is designed to allow operators to ‘see’ what is going on in a process plant or factory without having to send someone to the scene. The operator can also ‘rewind’ the video to see what happened a few seconds or a few hours before an incident.

“The integration of plant video with Wonderware’s powerful and flexible Active Factory chart brings new capabilities for monitoring and controlling manufacturing,” said Insource Solutions marketing manager, Tom Barczak. Insource Solutions is a Wonderware distribution partner.

“In a matter of no time, we were able to interweave the trends of Wonderware ActiveFactory with the video from Longwatch to provide a picture of production and operations that revealed the ‘Rest of the Story’ and led to more rapid improvement. The applications for Longwatch appear endless for security, operations, production, MES, batch tracking and quality applications. Definitely, it’s a technology that delivers rapid results.”

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