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Women keep manufacturing InMotion too

Manufacturing has long been considered a ‘man’s world’ with recent reports confirming employment of women in the sector has dropped by a third in the past 10 years to only 63,000, or 10% of the overall manufacturing workforce.

Brisbane’s InMotion Engineering is one of a few manufacturing companies that has recruited women to fill key roles within the business.

Managing Director Mr Neil O’Hare said he was proud his business was a forerunner for equal opportunity employment in the manufacturing sector and shared some tips for making workplaces more female-friendly.

“At InMotion, we strive to have an inclusive workplace in which our female and male employees feel comfortable,” he said.

“We provide flexible working arrangements and promote a rewards-based culture where employees are recognised individually for their hard work. This is a great strategy for attracting and retaining our female employees.

“They’re also encouraged to learn firsthand from the men on the factory floor and, in turn, teach their male counterparts efficient and productive business practices making for satisfied and well-rounded employees that can handle almost any situation.

“We’re lucky enough to have women on our team who enjoy the challenges of the manufacturing industry and who aren’t afraid to get out there and get their hands dirty.”

One such woman is InMotion Engineering’s Business Services Officer Ms Angela Manderson who said she thoroughly enjoyed working in the manufacturing industry.

“While manufacturing may not be the most glamorous career path, I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather work,” she said.

“This is a hands-on, practical industry with some exciting career opportunities for women who, like me, revel in the opportunity to see the work they do make a real difference to business productivity.”

Mr O’Hare said Angela was indicative of the type of women working at InMotion.

“Sometimes the best man for the job is actually a woman,” he said. “Angela’s switched on, hard-working, enthusiastic and reliable; all the traits required for success in the manufacturing industry.

“Angela plays such an integral role in InMotion’s day-to-day business operations that we’d be lost without her.”

In her three years at InMotion, Ms Manderson has been promoted from part-time receptionist to full-time Business Services Officer and her key responsibilities include payroll, assisting with accounts payable and receivable, HR support, IT, administration, purchasing and sales.

Ms Manderson said the flexible working environment at InMotion had given her the opportunity to head back to university to further her career development.

“Working at InMotion has given me the motivation to finish my degree so I can take on a more challenging role in the manufacturing industry.”

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