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Women in Manufacturing will step up again in 2008

The Women in Manufacturing Stepping Up Program, facilitated by apics NSW and subsidised by the NSW Department of State and Regional Development (DSRD), will be offered again during 2008.

Participants of the 2007 program included both owners and managers of manufacturing businesses and those employed in manufacturing and/or production roles.

“This mix will be encouraged again for 2008 as it allows for a good cross-pollination of ideas and the establishment of wider networks that can be really beneficial to women as they develop their careers within the industry,” said Garry Ferris, Business Development Manager with the DSRD.

In addition to informal relationships that the women will establish throughout the program, participants are matched with a more experienced, supply chain or manufacturing practitioner who can mentor them.

The more formal part of the program allows participants to attend seven instruction sessions led by experts and designed to provide best-practice, practical learning opportunities. During 2007, these sessions covered key manufacturing concepts such as: Inventory Management, Forecasting, Manufacturing Processes and Materials, Project Management and Materials Requirements Planning. The program also included a site visit to Bonds Industries allowing the women to see a range of manufacturing processes and procedures in action.

“Our aim is to provide real, practical learning opportunities for these women, to enhance their skills and ensure that they have a good general understanding of modern manufacturing and supply chain operations”, said Deborah Rose, the Program Facilitator.

For more information, contact Linda Henry, Business Manager, apics NSW office

02 9891 1411,

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