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Wireless data loggers

The Fourtec DataNet is a wireless data logging system to measure temperature, humidity, voltage, current, frequency, and pulse.

The logging system can be used for real-time monitoring with the help of its ZigBee wireless technology.

The portable range of DataNet is a data acquisition system and is suitable for monitoring environments in labs and hospitals.

The DataNet logging system operates on license-free 2.4 GHz RF frequency and is suitable for multiple applications in the pharmaceutical and lab sciences industry due to its robust meshed network.

The RF data logging system can provide alarm notifications via siren, email, and SMS. Easily connect any external sensor to the loggers’ voltage and current inputs to monitor pressure, infrared temperature and the likes.

Monitor temperature, humidity, and other sensors across your facility without using WiFi. The data collected can be monitored online in tabular and graphical formats.

Detailed data analysis, logger calibration and network configuration can be easily performed with the help of DataSuite software which is comprehensive and easy to use.

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