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Winner: PTronik for pMC Master Controller

PACE Zenith Awards

Power & Energy Management category sponsored by Schneider Electric

Winner: PTronik

Project: PTronik pMC Master Controller

The PTronik pMC consists of a unique software solution on a hardware platform  that collects and uses real time plant data to automatically monitor and control the cleaning process thereby optimising plant performance. 

The development of the pMC relied on employing accepted engineering principles to monitor the ongoing performance of filtration units. Its sensors need to measure key indicators including header pressure, differential pressure, hopper temperature, humidity level and dust particle concentration to determine the state of the air filtration unit's collection bag.

The most important element of the innovation is that by continuously tracking and collecting data describing the ongoing operational state of the plant, sophisticated algorithms are employed to continuously and automatically change the cleaning regime in real time. 

The pMC is available in two forms: an "off the shelf" system for retrofitting into existing dust collector installations and an embedded solution for integration as an OEM component of new dust collector installations.

Managing director, Robert Bosshard (pictured above) points out the diversity of industries that can benefit from the pMC Master Controller.

"Pharmaceutical, dairy industry, cement, where there is wood, wood filing, metal aluminium machining, any metal machining, iron and also in the mining industry where there is a lot of dust – it's incredible how extensive the whole thing is. Our solution can be retrofitted into existing systems, so you can buy new or you can retrofit it and that's an important factor," said Bosshard.

The system has meant that companies large and small benefit in a variety of ways from typically seeing a return on investment within 12-18 months as well as improved occupational health and safety requirements through hazard reduction and improved environmental control.

"It saves energy and helps with maintenance. It also reduces the cost of filter bags in the dust collection as it can extend their life by 30 percent or more. That's a big saving," said Bosshard.

PTronik's Robert Bosshard (C) receives the award from Schneider Electric's David Musso (L), sponsor of the Power and Energy Management category. On the right is MC Shane Jacobson.

PTronik's Robert Bosshard (C) receives the award from Schneider Electric's David Musso (L), sponsor of the Power and Energy Management category. On the right is MC Shane Jacobson.

The pMC is adaptable to many environments and is capable of monitoring up to eight external parameters which makes it suitable to monitor and prevent explosions in hazardous areas with combustible dust. The pMC is also well adapted to be used in remote area locations to control, for example, the gas turbine air intake filtration systems.

"We can measure within five percent of the accuracy. We know how much energy we're saving energy and can do that quite easily," said Bosshard. When asked about the future for Ptronik, Bosshard said that he is keen for the company to focus more on the overseas markets.

"We have deals now with international companies but in Australia only," he said. "Now we have to promote our product overseas and that's our next big step."

Bosshard was honoured by the award and expressed his pride and support for other innovative Australian companies. "I'm very humbled," he said. "This is an Australian product completely invented and manufactured here. This prestigious award supports and recognises our efforts as well the excellent work done by other pioneering local companies."

Schneider Electric stresses ongoing commitment to make energy safe and greenPACE Zenith Awards 2012: Power & Energy Management category is proudly sponsored by Schneider Electric
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