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Wind turbine uses Internet to deliver smoother power

GE's 2.5-120 is the first wind turbine that utilises the Industrial Internet to help manage the intermittency of wind, providing smooth, predictable power regardless of weather conditions.

Analyzing tens of thousands of data points every second, the 2.5-120 integrates energy storage and advanced forecasting algorithms while communicating seamlessly with neighboring turbines, service technicians and customers.

It is said to be the first wind turbine to combine efficiency and power output at low wind speed sites capturing a 25% increase in efficiency and 15% increase in power over GE’s 2.85-103.

The 2.5-120 integrates energy storage, driving higher wind farm output, improving services productivity and creating new revenue streams for customers.

The standard sound power level is 106 dB A but GE does offer additional sound reduced operations and sound mitigation technology.


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