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WIKA takes over DH-Budenberg

With the takeover of DH-Budenberg WIKA intends to further expand its position in the field of pressure calibration. DH-Budenberg’s product range includes high-end primary pressure standards and transfer standards of the Desgranges & Huot brand as well as laboratory and industrial standards of the DH-Budenberg brand.

"The acquisition is another step, in addition to our innovative product developments, to expand our calibration technology division in a sustainable manner, and for the long term," said Alexander Wiegand, CEO of the WIKA Group.

"The worldwide unique technology of DH-Budenberg is an ideal addition to our portfolio and strengthens our position, so that we can offer our customers an even more attractive programme in all classes of accuracy, from primary standard to pressure controller."

DH-Budenberg will become a part of the calibration technology division of the WIKA Group globally. DH-Budenberg’s Australian operations are likely to integrate with WIKA locally. The DH-Budenberg product branding will remain the same, within the WIKA calibration product line.

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