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Why is graphene “the next big thing”? [VIDEO]

A new video explains the appeal of graphene, which is currently the subject of projects including using the atom-thick substance as a 3D printing material and in energy storage.

The video below from SciShow, Graphene: The Next Big (But Thin) Thing, explains that graphite was discovered in 2004 by extracting it layer by layer from graphite, and is stronger than steel and more conductive of electricity than silver.


Kibaran Resources this week announced it had signed a R&D joint venture with 3D Group – named Graphitech Industries – on graphene and graphite in 3D printing.

3d Printing Industry reports that last month that the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation approved funding for a project between Stratasys and Graphene Technologies for “grapheme-enhanced 3D printing materials”.

Locally, Strategic Energy Resources and Monash University recently signed a collaboration agreement on developing energy storage solutions based on grapheme.

Elsewhere, Sunderland University is investigating the possibility of lightweighting auto components with polymer materials enhanced with graphene

“The potential of this “super material” is so great that the European Union intends to spend US$1.35 billion over the next ten years to take graphene from the laboratory to commercial products,” noted David Officer and Gordon Wallace on The Conversation recently.

This SciShow video explains some of the reasons that there is so much attention being given to graphene, and some of the possible applications that might come out of R&D into its applications.


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