NY-Series Industrial PC Platform – The way to the future

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Omron is launching its NY series of powerful industrial PCs ideal for visualization, data handling, measuring and control. This platform is based on strict quality standards to meet the current innovative needs within manufacturing industry.

Two models are available in accordance to the users’ needs, including NYB industrial box PC, and NYP panel IPC. NYM external industrial monitor and NY5 industrial machine controller are also available.

NYP Panel IPC is based on fourth-generation Intel® Celeron® to Intel® CoreTM i7 processors with up to 8GB DDR3L RAM, available with 12.1 & 15.4 inch industrial touch screen display. Its simplified design makes it one of the most reliable IPCs in the market. The case is composed of die-cast aluminum making it a tough, rock-solid IPC with uniform mechanics for further expansion. Both of the panel and box IPCs require no internal cables to eliminate and reduce faults thus maximizing uptime and performance.

Using the latest projected capacitive technology it features multi-touch, glove operation as well as detection of false touch to further increase its effectiveness. Combining the functionality of box IPC and industrial monitor, the NYP series has two operating systems including standard Windows 7 and real-time OS. These OSes run on separate cores within the CPU, so that the controller operation is maintained even when Windows fails. The IPCs support EtherCAT (open network), giving users a vast array of field devices that can be connected and operated in real-time. .

The IPCs feature three Ethernet ports to increase connectivity and four USB ports for fast data-transmission. An optional RS232 or DVI port allows serial devices of dual monitor.


  • Two operating systems: Windows and Real-Time OS
  • Ethernet port to access to your IT systems
  • Fourth-generation Intel® Core™ i7; Four core/8 threads
  • No internal cables to eliminate faults and maximize uptime
  • 1 and 15.4 inch industrial touch screen display
  • Supports false touch detection & glove operation
  • IPC Machine Controller and IPC RTOS Controller available

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