Meeting the water demands of today and tomorrow

Australia’s water scarcity issues are likely to be exacerbated by changes in weather patterns and increased demands of a growing population.

ifm has released a new white paper that puts a spotlight on the challenges and how it is helping wastewater treatment companies streamline their operations by introducing modern digital sensor technology to collect actionable insights from data.

Grant Smith, Senior Applications Engineer at ifm, says one of the challenges for wastewater treatment operations is to ensure plants produce a result that is economical, effective, safe and in line with differing environmental regulations from each state.

The white paper highlights the partnership between ifm and wastewater treatment specialist Aerofloat and how ifm’s sensors and IO-Link connectivity has saved time and costs.

IO-Link is a short distance communications network that connects smart sensors and actuators back to an industrial control system, allowing for more transparent monitoring of data, as well as doing away with complex physical wiring processes.

Youssef Attallah, NSW Branch Manager at ifm says Aerofloat provides wastewater treatment solutions across various industries, providing opportunities for ifm to use products in new ways in an Australia-specific context.

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