Leadertech Clip Kit

TRI Components is the Australian Representatives for Leadertech, the EMI shielding technology company and Leader Tech presents a do-it-yourself kit that allows design engineers to create and assemble a high performance PCB shield prototype without custom tools or experience.

Available from TRI Components , the Tech Clip Kit was developed by Leader Tech’s engineering team as a fast and easy solution to streamline the development and EMI test stages in a design project. The DIY kit allows the design engineer to cut and form a one piece board level shield to their exact specifications, saving both time and money.

The Tech Clip Kit includes 20 Tech Clips in standard tape and reel packaging for high-speed automated placement, and two 60mm x 80mm x 0.25mm Tech Clip Covers. While the Tech Clips are made from 0.008” thick pre-tin plated phosphor bronze, the Tech Clip Covers are made from 0.010-inch thick alloy 770.

TRI Components offer free samples for testing and can be contacted at tricom@tricomponents.com.au.