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What to expect at NMW2013

One of the definite trends emerging for National Manufacturing Week (May 7 – 10, Melbourne) is a greater number of solutions – including process control, instrumentation and automation platforms and products – relevant to the food industry and pharmaceutical sector.

Event organiser, Reed Exhibitions comments that this concentration reflects the enormous importance of these sectors to Australian industry.

Paul Baker, Exhibition Director for NMW said, "The food industry is Australia's largest manufacturing sector, generating more than $108 billion in revenue  – while pharmaceutical manufacturing generates more than $9 billion in revenue each year."

"Both industries are also changing in response to new market conditions – creating a climate of opportunity for suppliers who can help food and pharmaceutical companies optimise their processes, adapt and grow," Baker said.

The following are some of the automation companies that will be at NMW2013:

4D Controls
Through its online store the company supply a variety of control products including PLCs, motor drives, enclosures, switchgear, power cables, sensors and industrial computers. 4D Controls source and carry the brands as Omron, Delta, Lovato and General Cables.

Advanced Technology Pneumatics
They are a supplier of pneumatic and custom made flexible hose, tubing, fittings and couplings for the chemical, food and water industries. They specialise in polyurethane tube and hoses. The company will be introducing AIGNEP Fittings and Pneumatic products from Italy. AIGNEP manufacturers a range of tube and hose fittings in addition to pneumatic valves, actuators and air preparation products.

Allied Connectors
The company specialise in a range of military specification connectors, namely the MIL-C 5015 (MS), MIL-C 26483 S1 (62IN), and the VG95234 (MG) series. These connectors, although based on a military standard, can also be used for commercial/industrial applications, where product integrity and ruggedness is a critical factor. They also market the TRIM TRIO range of plastic connectors, based on the MIL-C 26482 series. These include the UTG/ UTO/ UTP/ SMS/ MBG and the new IP68/ 69K UTS series. This new UTS series are suitable for outdoor applications subject adverse weather conditions.

Bosch Rexroth
Known as the drive and control company, they offer complete servo driven linear modules as well as a wide range of components from ballscrews, linear guides, modules, conveyors and aluminium structural framing to servo motors, drives, controllers, PLCs and HMIs.

ECi M1 Software
This solution is designed for small to medium manufacturers including job shops, custom and mixed mode manufacturers and make to order manufacturers. M1 provides total integration and automation from quoting through invoicing. It is flexible and offers fully supported customisation capabilities that ensure unique business processes can be handled. Free support and software updates for 12 months are available for those purchasing M1 at the show.

Global Automation Asia-Pacific
The company imports and distributes factory automation products for purchase by panel builders, machine builders, industrial users, OEMs and contractors. Their philosophy is to provide simple solutions for complex applications. Beijer Electronics and Global Automation will use the show to officially launch the next generation of HMI panels "iX" to the local market.

HIWIN Technologies
They company claims to be one of the world's largest supplier of linear motion products. They offer a full range of product lines in the linear-motion field with major products comprising precision ballscrews, linear guideways and industrial robots. 

Metal Science Technologies
The company manufactures a range of machines for metal fabricators. They hold 16 patents currently with five pending. The mepBLITz DC-i5 is their latest model mobile electro-polisher, which will be launched at the show. This model is inverter driven, which means it is smaller, lighter and three times more powerful than its predecessor. MST will also be launching a range of electro-polishing baths, which can be custom made to suit the end users specifications. 

Oliver Technologies
The company specialises in project and equipment solutions for dust and fume control, abrasive blasting, bonding and sealing, spray painting and powder coating. On display will be their core product range featuring  a 2K Paint Mechanical Dosing designed for protective coating and finishing applications, the Sames Nano Bell and Powder Bells for robot operated finishing, Kremlin Thor Bonding and Sealing Applicator, spray booths and solvent recycling.

Pneumatics Direct Australia
The company will present a range of the latest Infinity and Clippard pneumatic equipment. Infinity piping will be a feature at the stand as well as a selection of new products, including filtration, couplings, hoses and reels. A unique solution to a wide range of pneumatic functions such as control, interface, sensing and actuation, a selection of Minimatic components will also be on show.

Testequip and Measure-Tech Australia
Testequip is an supplier of testing equipment to the engineering and manufacturing industry. In 2013 the company began a new arrangement to distribute the TIME brand of test instruments. For the first time they will be on display at the show. The TH-170 Portable Hardness Tester will also be on show. Measure-tech Australia supplies three main product lines: test and tag equipment and supplies; high temperature epoxies and resins; temperature indicating labels. At th show, the company will be promoting their new Thermax range of temperature strips.

UV Pacific
The company will introduce their Thinky Planetary Centrifugal Mixer for mixing adhesives, epoxies, silver pastes. This mixing process for multiple liquids and powders is a no-touch, no-blade batch mixing process the employs rotational forces of over 400Gs of acceleration to achieve uniform mixing and degassing. Also at the show will be the Honle bluepoint LED UV Spot Lamps for bonding, fixing or encapsulating in the electronics, optical and medical sectors. They are also used in fluorescence stimulation, high intensive UV irradiation in chemical, biological and pharmaceutical sectors. The units are Clean Room capable. This unit takes LED UV light sources into the heart of the UVA range with options for heads with 365, 385 and 405 nm  wavelengths all supplied from the same power supply. 

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