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Western Australia approves green energy initiative

Western Australia is positioned to lead Australia’s renewable energy transition with the approval of the first project under the State Government’s pioneering Green Energy Approvals Initiative.

Managed by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s green energy directorate, the Green Energy Approvals Initiative streamlines regulatory processes across governmental agencies, expediting approvals for renewable energy projects.

Yindjibarndi Energy Corporation (YEC), in collaboration with ACEN Australia, has secured environmental clearance for its inaugural solar venture.

The approved solar project, slated to generate up to 150 megawatts of clean energy, will be situated within the Yindjibarndi Native Title Determination Area spanning 13,000 square kilometres in the Pilbara region.

The Green Energy Approvals Initiative aims to attract investment in diverse sectors including wind and solar power generation, renewable hydrogen production, and the manufacturing of essential renewable energy components.

This milestone is part of YEC’s plans to develop a total of three gigawatts of renewable energy capacity, encompassing solar, wind, and storage technologies.

It accelerates the transition to clean energy and facilitates job creation and economic growth, particularly benefiting the Indigenous communities in the Pilbara.

Environment and Climate Action Minister Reece Whitby expressed his commitment to transforming Western Australia into a renewable energy powerhouse.

“By reducing carbon emissions, fostering Aboriginal employment opportunities, and supporting renewable energy adoption in the Pilbara, these projects will play a pivotal role in our state’s energy transition,” said Whitby.

Pilbara MLA Kevin Michel echoed these sentiments, emphasising the project’s significance for the region.

“This approval marks a monumental step forward for renewable energy in the Pilbara,” said Michel.

“Not only will it help decarbonise our energy systems, but it will also create sustainable jobs and deliver substantial benefits for our community and environment.”

With the groundwork laid for Yindjibarndi Energy Corporation’s transformative projects, stakeholders anticipate a new era of renewable energy excellence in the Pilbara, setting a benchmark for future developments across the state.

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