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Westek announces exclusive Schaffner EMC distribution

Westek Electronics has made an announcement designed to settle any uncertainty about its exclusive representation and distribution of Schaffner EMC components in Australia.

Schaffner also has a line of harmonic filters, which Westek Electronics does not market.

Schaffner’s EMC components line includes electronic filters and components for the automotive, building automation, industrial electronics, consumer goods, aerospace, medical technology, power supplies, telecommunications, transportation and alternative energy production industries.

According to Westek, recent announcements from other sources may not have clarified this division of product areas.

Westek says that Schaffner is the international leader in the field of electromagnetic compatibility and supports with its components solutions, an efficient and reliable use of interference-free electric energy.

Schaffner EMI/RFI filter components are specified in its catalogues to aid the designer in achieving optimum RF immunity and low emission values.

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