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Weidmuller’s new team has a Price

Weidmuller appoints Jason Price as Business and Applications Manager for the new Signal and Data team.

Jason comes from a process control and automation background, and will provide leadership and direction in the formation and development of the new Signal and Data Business Unit, as well as implement strategies dedicated solely to providing customers with the a high level of expertise and support in the areas of analogue signal and communications electronics.

Jason has a diverse background in process automation, having worked hands-on as a process engineer / project manager and for the last 12 years in various sales capacities related to analogue signal and industrial communications products.

Mr. Price is determined that Weidmuller’s new signal/data team will provide a dedicated, professional and highly focussed resource, with a wealth of applications experience for our distributors and customers.

“Where I believe we will stand out from our competitors is in our product expertise and responsiveness, which can only come when you have direct local support from the manufacturer. The use of Industrial Ethernet products will continue to grow at a rapid rate with more control system vendors adopting Ethernet as the communications medium of choice,” he said.

“To be “Ethernet-Enabled” is now almost an essential requirement in the industrial automation arena and we will continue to reap the benefits that Ethernet provides in enabling information transparency from the plant floor to the board-room.”

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