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Weidmuller releases next generation high reliability switched mode power supply units

Global electrical connectivity and electronics leader Weidmuller
announces the launch of its new generation of switched-mode power supply units
tailored to match specific needs.

Weidmuller’s new PROeco, PROmax and PRO-H power supply units meet the
latest standards and maximise reliability and efficiency to ensure trouble-free
operation of a plant, avoiding expensive downtime.

PROeco power supply units

Available in single and three-phase units, the PROeco models include 12V,
24V and 48V options, all delivering the basic functions required from a power supply
unit together with high efficiency and service-friendliness. Ideal for use in
field cabinets, flat distributor boxes or compact series machines, the highly
reliable and robust PROeco series provides up to 93% efficiency and minimal
no-load losses to ensure low energy consumption and a long service life. The
low heat generated from the units facilitates their use in small cabinets and

Key features of the PROeco power packs include wide temperature range
from -25°C to +70°C; high MTBF value of more than 500,000 hours; remarkably
compact slim design with a maximum depth of just 120mm to accurately fit into
the smallest cabinet; easy installation and operation; and tricolour LED
display and integrated status relay for simple error detection and convenient
remote monitoring.

PROmax power supply units

Specifically created for demanding applications in mechanical and plant
engineering, light process applications and marine engineering, the PROmax
switched-mode power supply range includes single and two/three-phase models and
output voltages of 5V DC to 48V DC, and offers the assurance of high
performance and durability.

Key features of the PROmax range include MTBF values exceeding 500,000 hours;
wide temperature range of -25°C to +70°C; start-up temperatures of -40°C; robust
and powerful units delivering continuous power of up to 120% at temperatures up
to +45°C and high output peaks up to 300% for safe operation; compliance with
surge protection category III and SEMI F47; and compact and narrow design
allowing units to be fitted directly side by side on a DIN rail to save space.

PRO-H power supply units

Designed for the most demanding of tasks, the PRO-H family of switched mode
power supply units are particularly suitable for special applications in power
stations, and chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries where reliability
is absolutely critical.

Key features of the PRO-H units include single
and two phase wide voltage power supply models providing a high MTBF up to 1.8
million hours for a long, reliable service life; robust and durable units
withstanding temperatures from -25°C to +70°C; shock and vibration-proof
design; suitable for use in explosive risk zones thanks to ATEX and C1D2
approvals; and status alarms that can be observed remotely for easy monitoring.

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