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Weidmuller releases new variants in Termseries relay range for inductive and capacitive loads

Global electrical connectivity supplier Weidmuller has expanded its Termseries
range of relays to include new high performance variants capable of reliably
and durably switching inductive and capacitive loads.

Weidmuller’s Termseries includes both electromechanical and solid state
relays equipped with one or two changeover contacts. New models in the range
including the 16 A HC and 16 A HCP units are equipped with relays that feature
a contact arrangement and contact material designed specifically for industrial
loads. The design of the new variants has a no-contact capability that eliminates
sparks produced during the switch-on and switch-off process, extending the
service life of the relays.

Both the 16 A HC and 16 A HCP models offer excellent reliability and performance
with the ability to safely switch industrial loads measuring up to 16 A.

The high current, no contact 16 A HC model is deployed to switch inductive
loads such as solenoid valves, power contractors and motors; is made using
AgSnO contact material; provides large contact clearance; and offers resistance
to both loss of contact material as well as welding since contact is avoided.

The 16 A HCP unit is made from AgSnO contact material and advanced tungsten
contact, preventing contact welding during the switch-on process of capacitive
loads. It is also suitable for switching capacitive loads where high, in-rush
currents occur such as LED drivers, light strips and switched-mode power supply

For user convenience, both the 16 A HC and 16 A HCP are available with
24 VDC and multiple voltage input of 24-230 VAC/DC.

A new 16 A CO contact unit in the range has been designed specifically
to switch industrial loads such as infrared heaters, pumps and small
contactors. Also capable of switching low loads, the 16 A CO is available in a
wide variety of input voltages from 5 VDC to 230 VAC/DC.

The new TOS/TOZ solid state relay features an increased switching
capacity of 5 A, and has a 24 VDC and a multi-voltage input. The TRS/TRZ model
is equipped with AgSnO contacts and suitable for switching low capacitive
loads. It has a 24 VDC input.

The highly compact variants in the Termseries range are 6.4mm or 12.8mm in
width, enabling space savings. The DIN rail mounting simplifies installation
while the plug-and-play design maximises user convenience and saves time.
Features also include a distinctive status display thanks to the integrated
fibre-optic technology that completely illuminates the ejector and also ensures
safe removal of the switching element.

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