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Web safety for HMI/SCADA

InduSoft is encouraging new customers to protect their HMI/SCADA systems try their Web Studio Secure Viewer by offering a complementary license with every purchase of InduSoft Web Studio development package and runtime license.

“Now our customers have even more value when they buy InduSoft Web Studio”, says Marcia Gadbois, vice president of Business Development at InduSoft. “InduSoft Web Studio Secure Viewer enables our customers to dedicate a machine to a specific function or process. This capability ensures that corporate assets are used in the intended way, and prevents end-users from inadvertently creating a security breach-a huge concern for many customers today. It also allows them to access this added value without paying for the first viewer.”

Secure Viewer enables secure access to InduSoft Web Studio HMI/SCADA applications using PCs, and PDAs, and industrial and tablet PCs over wired or wireless connections, supporting up to 128 concurrent viewers.

InduSoft Secure Viewer runs on all supported Windows operating systems including Windows CE, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. The software also supports remote computers with multiple monitors. This is extremely useful when a remote operator wants to visualize more than one screen from the same application simultaneously.

Gadbois went on to explain that, “The license for InduSoft Web Studio Secure Viewer also has the added advantage of residing on the server, rather than locally on the secured machine. The advantage to the customer is that in the event of a required hardware change or replacement they simply install the application runtime-a quick and easy fix. The new hardware automatically boots up with the secured viewer, which our customers really appreciate.”

“And that’s not all”, Gadbois continued. “Another advantage to the server license is that users who need more than one viewer only pay for the number of concurrent views that are required at any given time. This means that there is no limit to the number of users or machines, only the number in use at the same time. It’s just one more example of how InduSoft is giving customers more bang for their buck.”

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