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Weakened high-power AC drives market to grow

The global market for high-power AC drives has been weakened by the economic crisis, but at a lesser degree than other automation equipment, according to a report from ARC Advisory Group.

Growth in the high-power AC drives market is expected to become stronger during the next two to three years, the report — called High Power AC Drive Worldwide Outlook — said.

“While the world economy is in a severely distressed state, new stimulus packages from various governments are adding more investments in the infrastructure industries, including new road construction, water and ARC senior analyst Himanshu Shah.

“Globalisation has also created a large demand for modern infrastructure, especially in emerging economies. This situation bodes well for high power AC drives market growth.”

According to the report, the use of high-power AC drives will become more prevalent in the future, due to the increase in sustainability initiatives and the trend to save power.

High-power AC drives can help save power when used across process, discrete, and infrastructure industries such as utilities, water and wastewater, public transportation, and airports, the report said.

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