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Water purification systems receives $70,400 COMET grant

A water system which mirrors cyclonic storm action to purify water for re-use is one of 14 Australian projects to each receive $70,400 in Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) funding.

The minister for innovation, industry, science and research, Senator Kim Carr, announced the latest COMET grants this week, as part of the Government’s AusIndustry fund.

One grant recipient, Sustainable Freshwater Technologies, based in New South Wales, uses a water purification system that injects compressed air into grey house water — an action which mirrors cyclonic storm action, according to a press notice from COMET.

This and the project’s vortex system cause an environment which eliminates fungus and legionella and enables the reuse of valuable water, the notice said.

Among the other 13 projects to receive a $70,400 COMET grant are:

– A process developed by SBBM Enterprises to re-use and recycle electronic equipment such as computers, printers and mobile phones;

– New attachment tools designed to improve safety and productivity for power line stringing and maintenance, for use from both sides of small and light helicopters, developed by GRID Services, of Queensland; and

– A toxic gas detection system for residential and commercial buildings, developed by EVRsafe Solutions, of South Australia. The system can activate alarms and exhaust fans, open doors and windows as well as report and monitor.

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