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Wastewater seminars handle the tough questions on grit removal

CST Wastewater Solutions, in a partnership with Smith and Loveless  is providing grit seminars in Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney on the 19th, 20th and 21st of February, respectively.

Grit that is not properly handled can cause problems in pipes, pumps and other equipment in wastewater treatment plants, as well as incurring higher maintenance costs in the future.

Although the grit chamber is the centrepiece unit and key selection in any grit removal scheme, other important aspects include the selection of grit handling equipment, arranging the grit piping, and selecting components for the second-stage grit washing and dewatering phase.

There are three important reasons to wash and dewater grit: odour reduction, improved grit removal efficiency and ease of grit disposal.

Today, with maintenance costs rising and budgets being squeezed, proper design and equipment selection becomes even more critical.

Properly designed systems are streamlined with quality component equipment – from an experienced, single-source – to not only maximise the entire system efficiency but also minimise costly field maintenance and problems.

The seminars will focus on:
• Grit removal design recommendations
• Types of grit removal technologies
• Grit handling design
• Grit removal system hydraulics
• Enhancing grit removal performance

The Smith & Loveless PISTA 360 wastewater grit removal chamber, which extracts 95 per cent of grit as small as 105 microns.

“The established standard for grit removal has been 95 per cent removal at 250 microns, so achieving the same removal efficiency at 105 microns (140 mesh) sets an entirely new benchmark,” said Michael Bambridge, Managing Director of CST Wastewater Solutions, a company that provides an extensive range of wastewater treatment and grit removal equipment.

In addition to the PISTA chamber, which uses a patented V-Force Baffle to  increase the effectiveness of the grit removal, CST Wastewater Solutions’ latest technologies include high performance inlet screening, new vertical screens, lateral membrane pre-screens and clarifiers.

The seminars aim to educate engineers and operators on the latest technological developments and procedures for grit removal equipment. They are designed to cover all the important aspects of grit removal, from grit chamber layouts to water level and velocity control as well as a range of other grit-related topics.

To register for the Grit Seminars, email Liz Bender at CST Wastewater solutions or phone (02) 9417 3611.

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