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Wall Mount Cable & Hose Hanger

The new Wall Mount Cable & Hose Hanger, designed and made in Australia provides a simple and fast means of minimizing trip hazards by securing cables along walls and site sheds. 

The heavy duty backing plate has two key-holes for screws, allowing for rapid installation wherever a hanger bracket for hoses, leads or cables is required and fast removal when the job is complete. 

The large steel backing plate combines with the 90° frame to position the insulated skyhook to safely support up to 8 power leads, cables and hoses. The “prongs” or fingers of the skyhook prevent leads or cable from flicking out the hanger bracket. 

AdeptDirect Wall Mount Cable & Hose Hangers are made in an advanced Australian manufacturing facility using cutting edge robotic welding technology and are designed to withstand years of hard use on building sites, mines and workshops. 

The steel section of the bracket is finished in a hard-wearing bright yellow powder-coat finish and the insulated “Skyhook” is moulded from high density polyethylene.


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