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Volvo and ESA co-design net zero operational emergency vehicles


In an Australian first, Volvo Group Australia is partnering with the ACT Emergency Service Agency (ESA) to co-design and develop net zero emission operational emergency services vehicles, including a range of heavy operational support vehicles. 

The contract will allow ESA and Volvo Group Australia to co-design up to seven vehicles that meet operational requirements of an emergency service and the ACT government’s goal of net zero emissions by 2045.  

There are currently no low or zero emissions emergency service vehicles available on the market. 

“Agreements like this are vital to help decarbonise our world and I applaud the agency and the ACT government for its commitment to being a part of this journey with us,” Volvo Group Australia president and CEO Martin Merrick said. 

“We are very aware of the trust placed in us to fulfil this role. Every day around the world lives depend on our vehicles, and we look forward to that trust evolving towards an emissions-free environment to improve the lives of many more.” 

This partnership will allow current leading edge zero and low emission technology to be incorporated into the critical design requirements for emergency services vehicles. Fulfilling this contract will consolidate ESA’s position as an Australian leader in sustainability in emergency services. 

“At its core, the ACT ESA strives to ensure the safety of our community, staff and volunteers. Making the transition to a sustainable fleet and contributing to the wellbeing of Canberrans and our environment aligns with this key commitment,” ACT ESA commissioner Georgeina Whelan said. 

“The world around us is rapidly changing in terms of technology, workplace diversity and the environment and it is exciting that we are leading this change.” 

This partnership with Volvo Australia forms part of the sustainability initiative incorporated into the almost $13 million of funding provided for the ESA’s vehicle replacement program. 

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