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Voltage/current signal splitter

Control loops in process industries often require an analog standard signal to be processed at two different points, with both devices needing to receive the same signal.
To prevent falsified signals without any interference, it is necessary to galvanically isolate these signals.

The VariTrans A 20300 signal splitter, available from Alvi Technologies, is described as an ideal cost-effective solution to the problem, with its input, both outputs, and power supply decoupled from one another offering 4-Port Isolation.

The splitters also feature highly compact housings, measuring just 6mm wide, and protective separation for personal protection according to EN61140.

In addition to “doubling” the analog signal, the splitter can also convert signals if required. If, for example, the signal source only has a voltage output but current signals are used in the system, then the signal doubler converts the voltage signal (0 … 10V) proportionally into the required current signals (0 … 20mA or 4 … 20mA). Conversion from “Dead Zero” (0 … 20mA) to “Live Zero” (4 … 20mA) is also possible. The corresponding input and output signals are calibrated and can be selected using DIP switches.

The VariTrans A 20300 can also be used when a particularly high output load is required. Standard signal sources can often drive a load of up to 500 ohms, i.e. supply 10V at 20mA. Sometimes certain devices – e.g. actuators – require a higher voltage; i.e. their input resistance is higher.

Typical applications include utility energy custody transfer on grid or pipeline; and data recording devices used in conjunction with PLC or DCS for real-time adjustments and historical data recording.

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