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Virtual Instruments launches managed service offering in Australia

Virtual Instruments, a provider of Infrastructure Performance Management for physical, virtual and cloud computing environments, has launched the Vlaas solution for the Australian marketplace.

The Virtual Instruments as a Service (VIaaS) solution will provide the full capabilities of the VirtualWisdom platform as an ongoing managed service offering, enabling customers to monitor the performance of their end-to-end IT infrastructure and proactively mitigate risks without an upfront capital investment.

With the adoption of Infrastructure as a Service, managed services, and cloud-based computing models in Australia and New Zealand, customers are realising that many challenges come with such a change.

Many clients require a solution that can measure and report on real-time infrastructure performance and give them confidence that applications will achieve required performance levels to support their business.

Furthermore, as clients migrate applications to this new environment, they want assurance that their infrastructure can absorb increased workloads and additional users.

"Australia has a great track record of breaking new ground and being early adopters of innovative technology-based service delivery models, and we can't think of a better place to introduce Virtual Instruments as a Service," said Bo Barker, vice president of services at Virtual Instruments.

"Our solution eliminates the endless headaches of IT outages and performance issues that affect customers and service providers every day. By partnering with managed service and cloud providers we look forward to delivering significantly improved service level agreements — at a lower total cost for all."

Virtual Instruments provides the ability to monitor the end-to-end performance of the infrastructure and proactively mitigate the risks of moving to infrastructure as a service and the cloud.

The VIaaS offering is a combination of hardware, software, and services expertise provided by the Virtual Instruments team.

The solution discovers, captures, correlates, analyses and presents machine and wire data from across the open systems infrastructure. VIaaS captures more than 320 real-time metrics delivering visibility into the health, utilisation and performance of the end-to-end system.

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