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Vijeo Citect gets Aussie Director

Citect and Schneider Electric have promoted Peter Hogg to the position of Director, Vijeo Citect.

Vijeo Citect (SCADA software) and Vijeo Historian combine to form an integrated operator control and business systems interface for Schneider Electric automation solutions. By utilising the integration of these systems with Unity Pro, for control, and Ampla, for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), customers are able to achieve a single vendor solution that will save them time in the development, operation and maintenance of their automation project.

Hogg will relocate from Citect’s global head office in Sydney to Schneider Electric’s automation headquarters in Sophia, France. In his new role, Hogg will drive the development of Vijeo Citect and Vijeo Historian, and assist with a Schneider Electric Collaborative Control System project which will provide a single solution that incorporates programmable logic controller (PLC) and SCADA systems.

Hogg has more than 21 years of experience in the automation and control software industry. He began as a developer for DOS SCADA systems at Control Instrumentation, which later became Ci Technologies and then Citect. Hogg was Citect’s first professional services engineer based in Melbourne, and the architect of the Olympic Dam project, which remains the largest PC-based SCADA system in the world. He has also worked as a support engineer, was the founder and director of Citect’s Professional Services business unit in Europe, a software development manager, business analyst and SCADA product manager.

Citect’s CEO, Christopher Crowe, says, “Peter has an in-depth knowledge of automation and control software, wide-ranging industry experience and an understanding of what customers need. This knowledge will serve him well in driving the success of the Vijeo Citect business unit.”

Hogg notes there has been considerable growth in the single solution vendor market over the last five years.

“The automation and control market is maturing,” says Hogg. “Customers are focussing less on individual product features, and instead looking for a complete software and hardware solution which is easy to develop, operate and maintain. Vendors who focus on developing solutions which make it easy for the customer to achieve their business needs and adapt with the market and organisation will have the most success.

“As Director of Vijeo Citect, I will have the opportunity to promote Schneider Electric as the leading single vendor solution.”

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