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Victoria’s newest solution to skills shortage

Chisholm Institute’s Dandenong campus opens its $14 million Centre for Integrated Engineering and Science.

Melbourne’s south east region is responsible for over 40% of Australia’s manufacturing, and the new centre is Chisholm’s strategy to provide new ways to teach the new skills needed as technology advances at breathtaking speed.

Meeting these high tech needs required not only ultra-modern technology, but a new training method, which is where “integrated” comes in.

The Chisholm students will work on practical projects in a simulated manufacturing environment involving many disciplines from established and emerging technologies, and so prepare in a real-world way for today’s workplace — where sound operational knowledge of a range of interconnected processes is essential.

Alongside the established technology areas of electrical, electronics, mechanical, fluid power, polymer, fabrication, CAD design and computer systems, Chisholm’s future-ready students will work with the new technologies of mechatronics, precision robotics, vacuum technology, cleanroom technology, optical sensory and vision systems, photonics, and integrated manufacturing.

Chisholm’s Training Program Model has been designed to cater for school-leavers wanting to enter an engineering career, employees who want to extend qualifications, and existing workers who want specific short programs to bring them up to speed on new technology areas.

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