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How Victorian businesses can access renewable energy contracts

Victorian businesses

The Victorian government has released a Market Facilitation Platform Consultation Paper that could help businesses in the state to access renewable energy contracts. 

The paper, launched by the Victorian minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio, explores the barriers that prevent businesses from accessing such contracts. 

“As we transition to renewable generation and storage, we want to understand the best way to create a more competitive electricity supply for businesses,” D’Ambrosio said. 

“This consultation is an opportunity for everyone, including businesses and renewable energy providers, to share their perspectives on how to reduce barriers to accessing low-cost, clean electricity.” 

It also explores whether an online platform could help bring Victorian businesses and renewable energy generators together, helping them sign up to energy contracts such as power purchase agreements. 

“By making it easier to enter into power purchase agreements, we will save businesses time and money and generate more demand for renewable energy − which will help us reach our target of halving emissions by 2030,” D’Ambrosio said. 

Victorian businesses using renewable energy through these kinds of agreements can take advantage of more competitive and certain electricity prices. This will also mean the creation of more jobs and the stimulation of the economy through supporting the construction of renewables in Victoria. 

The Market Facilitation Platform Consultation Paper focuses on commercial and industrial electricity users of all sizes, electricity retailers, renewable energy developers, investors and financiers, power purchase agreement facilitators and specialist service providers. 

Consultation on the paper closes on Friday 26 November. Have your say at 

For more information and to register for a briefing session, visit 

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