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Victaulic appoints Reece bathroom supplier as national distributor

Mechanical pipe joining systems supplier Victaulic has appointed Reece as its first national distributor for its building services product portfolio.

Reece is a well-known supplier of plumbing and bathroom products to major mechanical plumbing contactors, hydrant plumbers and industrial specialists.

Under this new agreement, Reece will sell the entire range of Victaulic mechanical pipe joining products used in residential and industry building projects. The product offering includes a range of mechanical couplings, fittings and valves for use in fire protection, HVAC and plumbing applications.

“Reece has an impressive national distribution network and has demonstrated strong commitment to excellence in customer service, which are key priorities for Victaulic,” said Victaulic regional manager — Australia, Gennaro Sposato.

“We are strongly focused on expanding our business here in Australia. As part of this expansion we are building a solid distribution network in order to give our customers even better access to our unique product range.

“Victaulic develops a wide range of products based on innovative technologies, such as the original grooved end mechanical pipe joining system, giving contractors greater choice for their building projects.

“Reece’s customers can now access our full range of products for the building sectors, which offer easy-to-use and cost-effective alternatives to welding, brazing, soldering or flanging.”

Victaulic products are now available through Reece and can be seen at any of the company’s 260 showrooms throughout Australia.

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